Air-conditioning service Belgrade

We are relatively young company founded with a task to offer a quality airconditioning service of residential and commercial places to the clients at Belgrade market primarily. Air-conditioning service Belgrade will offer you all kinds of services regarding air-conditioning devices, with its knowledge, experience and, above all, its kindness. Our basic activity is installation, maintenance and repairing home ( RAC ) split systems as well as commercial ( CAC ) and Single and Multi systems. We do systems maintaining of all known brands which are present at our market, like for example: Midea, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and many others and we are specialized in LG devices.

Recently, we have been doing projecting, as well. Our servicers have a huge experience as well as appropriate certificates.

We also do heaters installation for gutters, staircase, water pipes and garage entrance ramps freezing protection.