Koja veličina klima uređaja je potrebna?

The capacity of air-conditioner is defined on the basis of different parameters: room size ( shape and purpose ), room position ( number of sun-lit sides ), area of glazed surface, number of electric devices in the room, thermic isolation of the room (building ), number of persons in the room, position of inner unit. On the basis of these – elementary parameters, the necessary power of air-conditioners could be approximately specified. The capacity of air-conditioners is expressed by the amount of heat which a device exchange with surroundings in time unit, that is the most often in Btu.

snaga klima uredjaja

At our market, the most common are the devics of 9000Btu, 12000Btu, 18000Btu, 24000Btu, 36000Btu and alike. For smaller rooms up to 15m2 such as a bedroom, a study, a kitchen and a hall, an air-conditioner of the capacity 9000Btu/h could be used. For larger rooms of 15-30m2 air-conditioners of the capacity 12000Btu/h could be used. For precise counting of the necessary heat amount/cold amount in some room, there is a large number of programs which will precisely specify the capacity of air-conditioners. In order to do that, it is needed to go out to terrain and make a project. While making choice of airconditioners` capacity, one should bear in mind the fact that they should choose according to the nominal capacity not the maximal one. For example, if the estimate showed that you need 8500Btu/h, it is wiser to choose an air-conditioner that is for one level of larger capacity, that is, the air-conditioner which gives 12000Btu/h, because of the fact that if the air-conditioner always works with the full capacity, its lifetime is considerably lowered and it spends larger amount of energy and in the extreme weather occasions it will not be of full usage.