An air-conditioner is a complex thermodynamic and technical system due to which it can have various problems in its operation. Here is an anecdote on the topic. On one occasion at professional training, a young servicer after a lecture on the newest Multi and VRF LG systems said in panic: „Well, now I don‟t understand anything. I think, that for this, you have to graduate at the university.‟ Of course this is not completely true but the level of professional training is of great importance. The market demands are becoming more and more extensive and devices become more complex. Therefore, you should not repair your air-conditioner on your own without previous consultation with us. If we do not know something, we have a person to ask. Of course, only particular producers and importers have well-organized technical support network.

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  • if your air-conditioner does not cool well
  • if your air-conditioner does not cool at all but only a ventilator of inner unit (IU)
  • if the outdoor unit leaks thus disturbing your neighbours or you
  • if IU leaks
  • if the cooling works but not the heating
  • if a OU compressor does not work but OU ventilator does
  • if a IU ventilator does not work
  • if there is an unpleasant smell coming from air-conditioner
  • if OU or IU is too much noisy ( buzzing, knocking etc. )
  • if a pipeline gets icy in the cooling mode
  • if your remote or wire controller does not work
  • if your remote controller works but an air-conditioner does not receive a given command
  • if your horizontal air router on IU is broken
  • it is necessary if you notice that OU is not well-attached or it is largely inclined or if carriers have corroded
  • it is necessary if you have power breakthrough on OU or IU