Regular service

Dont wait until your airconditioner starts having problems in its work to ensure protok of clear air in the roomin which you spend your time. Be ready for summer heatsand do not worry about praina and alergies that can appear as a consequence of nagomilavanja microorganisms on the airconditioners filters. We will visit you in the shortest perioodand offer you the service of a complete annual airconditioner service, with a guarantee of one year. Say goodbye to allergies, sneezing and stuffy space and enjoy more efficient functioning of your cooling device. In our service center you can get two kinds of services, that is a big and a small service of airconditioners.

The small service of air-conditioners should be done once a year and, in some cases, twice which depends on how often air-conditioner is used and microclimate on that location. These are frequently smaller office spaces such as hair-dressers, boutiques, butchers, bakers, beauty care salons, mixed products shops, dental ordinations, pharmacists etc. The service is the frequently done in summer or autumn. It lasts for 30 to 45 minutes and it includes pressure and temperature checking in the system and cooling and heating mode. This is very important part of the service and when parameters are normal, cleaning of an air-conditioner may start. A great number of servicers do not do this test in appropriate way which leads to the possibility of bigger failure occurrence. If the parameters are not right, the type and measure of the air-conditioner irregularity or failure should be diagnosed. In that case, there is no point in cleaning and disinfection until the failure is removed. Then the air-conditioner is being filled with gas up to 100gr if that is necessary. If more gas is needed (which is determined during a pressure control ), then it is clear that it is all about irregularity of the air-conditioner that is, joints are not well connected or that there is a obstruction inside of the system or the valves are inoperative etc.

If a device properly works, the cleaning may start. First, cover mask of IU is removed and filters taken out, and then a IU mask or panel as well. They all should be washed and disinfected. Then IU combs is cleaned by a degreaser and a brush mechanically because the filth is gathering on the combs surface. All of that should be washed by which the flow of the IU condensate drain is being tested at the same time. Then the combs is disinfected by disinfectant. After that, IU is put together again. On the OU, if that is necessary, the combs is cleaned by a brush at the back side of a device By doing that, this operation is finished and all that is left is to give necessary instructions and suggestions considering the way of using and maintaining the device.

The big service of the air-conditioners should be done once a year in three to five years‟ period. In the previously mentioned smaller offices it should be done even more often. It lasts for 50 to 90 minutes depending on its size and approachability of OU and IU. Because of that, its price is determined on the spot within a certain range.This operation certainly includes a complete IU dismantling, in order to pull out axial ventilator ( turbine ) which is the main generator of mold that users of airconditioners usually do not see. The measured concentrations of viruses and bacteria that LG performed on its tests are unbelievable high and their spectrum is diverse. Among the most dangerous is the coxsackie virus. A turbine is washed and disinfected as well as a tub for condensate gathering and the rest of IU that now can be completely cleaned from mold and dust so that the IU is “clean as new” without exaggeration. Further, it is not necessary but the OU combs could be washed under the pressure and if the OU is extremely dirty, it could be disassembled and taken to a service to be completely cleaned. This operation increases the price of a big service. A lifetime of thus serviced air-conditioner could be extended up to 10 years because the main reason for air-conditioner retirements is irregular and inadequate service. Do not underestimate the dirt on your air-conditioner since it will very quickly lead to the compressor overheating and its breakdown. We do not even want to mention its influence on your health.