We also do air-conditioner relocation – moving ( from one place to another or from one flat to another ). The air-conditioner dismantling is the operation which is most often done to perform additional construction works in the room or because of air-conditioner moving to the other location. Out of all operations regarding wall split airconditioners, this is the most complicated.This operation is frequently performed by unqualified persons not obeying determined procedure for the given air-conditioner type bacause they laic consider it simple. Our service experience shows that every third or fourth air-conditioner is moved unprofessionally which most commonly led to complete gas leakage. When this happens, a compressor overheat risk increases without user`s notice. It means that a joint must be connected again and an air-conditioner must be vacuumed and filled with gas again. Not to mention that during its an airconditioner`s work without freon, a compressor is demaged.A bigger mistake happens if the waterpipe is not protected from dirt, moist and sand coming into it. Later, this may lead to a complete demage of teh air-conditioner due to pipeline mainly, this fail cannot be repaired and an air-conditioner must be used up and it becomes unusable. If a dismantled air-conditioner is not installed instantly, then it is necessary to cosnserve it.

 Users are recommended to do the big service during dismantling of an airconditioner, because OU and IU are completely approachable so this operation is cheaper and a service of greater quality.After the operation, relocation and a new installment could be done. It is important to mention that a complete isolation on the pipeline should be changed regardless of its condition. This is not to be done just for aesthetic reasons but, above all, because of pipeline control, that is, pipes have to be checked if they are too flattened or wedged during dismantling and relocation. If this happens, a compressor breakdown could happen very quickly! When all of these actions are done, the installment of an air-conditioner should be done in a proper way.